Applying for a Loan

When you’re ready to get started, a Caliber Loan Consultant can help you. If you prefer, you may complete a loan application online. Your Loan Consultant will let you know where to apply.

After Caliber receives your completed application, Certificate of Eligibility and supporting documents (see below), we will:

  • Order copies of your credit history from national credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
  • Deliver a written Loan Estimate to you by mail, email or in person.
  • Submit your application to our Processing department. An appraisal of your new home will be ordered at this time.
  • Eventually your application will be submitted to Underwriting for a Conditional Loan Approval.

Supporting Documents

During the first stages of loan processing, you will need to provide supporting documentation to prove you have sufficient income and assets to afford the home you plan to buy.

Typically*, these documents include:

  • Pay stubs or Leave and Earning statements for at least 30 days
  • Federal tax W-2 or 1099 forms for the last two years
  • Copies of your federal tax returns for the past two years
  • Current bank and financial statements that verify that you have sufficient assets for closing
  • A fully-executed purchase agreement between you and your new home's seller
  • Explanation letters for any credit inquiries or address discrepancies

*The documentation is typical, but can vary for every homebuyer.