Caliber Sponsors 2018 Vet-Ex to Rocky Mountain National Park

Caliber Home Loans is committed to assisting veterans beyond homeownership. This is done through partnerships with military based organizations in our communities.

Caliber is a proud sponsor of The Warrior’s Keep. This non-profit organization has a mission to unite, empower, and enhance the quality of life for military veterans. Their programs are designed to educate Veterans on how to successfully transition back into civilian life.

Veterans on Warriors Keep HikeRecently, Warrior’s Keep conducted their Veterans Excursion (Vet-Ex), an activity held twice a year in Rocky Mountain National Park. They believe engaging in outdoor adventures allows therapy to naturally take place. They give veterans a chance to bond and reflect on their time in the military.

Brian White, Internal Audit Manager, participated in Vet-Ex during this past Veterans weekend. Brian’s wife recommended he apply for the excursion and gave him the information. He enjoyed getting to know other military personnel and connecting with nature.

Beautiful snow capped mountain in the distance

The weekend included hiking to the “trailhead” and a 5-mile climb up the mountain to an elevation of 11,000 plus feet. Despite the difficult hike and single digit weather conditions, the team came together and motivated each other in true military form. The final day was spent crossing a frozen lake and ascending nearly 500 feet to Dream Lake. The views were spectacular.

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and connecting with other veterans and sharing experiences and resources that will benefit us in our individual needs. It made me proud to know that I work for a company that is truly committed to serving those who have served our country.”

To learn more about Warrior’s Keep and their programs or if you are interested in donating, please visit