Caliber Virginia Beach Supports Former Navy SEALs with Every VA Loan

At Caliber, supporting our military goes beyond simply providing excellent service in providing VA Loans. We have a mission to be a trusted resource in meeting the specific mortgage needs of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who serve, or have served our country with resolute sacrifice. And, our employees strive to be ambassadors of goodwill and financial education in our military communities. The Caliber Virginia Beach branch is an excellent example of living that mission daily.

Caliber’s Virginia Beach branch agreed they could make a real impact by becoming involved with the UDT-SEAL Association. The Association is a Veteran Service Organization with members who have served, are serving or strive to serve our country. Specifically, its members are among the Naval Special Warfare Community (“the Community”). The UDT-SEAL Association exists to unite active duty, veteran and retired personnel from the Community. Inspiring service in the Navy SEAL Teams and other Naval Special Warfare specific commands is also among its objectives. Through fundraising, the UDT-SEAL Association focuses on the health and welfare of its members and provides support to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Supporting those fundraising efforts is where our Virginia Beach team stepped in.

In May, the Caliber Home Loans Virginia Beach branch formally announced its sponsorship of the UDT-SEAL Association. The support ranged from events and purchasing ads in the group's’ quarterly magazine.  But, our Virginia Beach team knew they could do even more to live Caliber’s VA Mission. So, they began contributing a portion of the proceeds from every VA Loan closed to the UDT-SEAL Association. And just this past week, the team was excited to present a check for $10,000 to the UDT-SEAL Association from their recent VA loan origination proceeds.

For more information on the UDT-SEAL Association or to make a donation, visit