We’re knot to be outdone!

Caliber staff break their 2017 paracord bracelet record

Last year, Caliber Home Loans created 1,696 paracord “survival bracelets” for U.S. service members deployed in potentially dangerous areas of the world. This year, Caliber Corporate and Branch staff decided that our military deserved more, so they decided to break the 2017 record.

1,170 bracelets for 2018

In addition to breaking the 2017 record for bracelet production, Caliber employees penned a total of 936 personal “thank you” notes to accompany them.

The bracelets are to be distributed by the organization Operation Gratitude in hundreds of “Care Packages” delivered to servicemen and women around the world. These packages contain a variety of items in addition to paracord bracelets, and may include anything from snacks and chewing gum to hygiene items, playing cards, puzzle books and personal “thank you” letters from Operation Gratitude volunteers. 

As of August 2018, Operation Gratitude has delivered over 2 million Care Packages to active duty servicemen and women, veterans and military families.

What’s a survival bracelet?

Each finished bracelet contains 7½ feet of braided parachute cord – aka paracord – a material that can hold up to 550 pounds. A bracelet has many emergency uses including supporting a makeshift shelter, use as a perimeter trip line, or as a tourniquet. The paracord can also be unraveled into thinner strands that can mend fabric, serve as fishing line, or even as emergency sutures.

Join us in showing your own gratitude

Visit the Operation Gratitude web site and check out the volunteer and support opportunities. Your support can be as simple as a cash donation to help pay postage costs, or you can go further and arrange a collection drive for Care Package items.