Caliber Supports the Troops & the Pups

As you know, in May, Caliber Home Loans donated money and supplies to the Dallas area organization, Patriot PAWS Service Dogs. After learning about this organization and its role supporting the needs of our vets nationwide, Caliber wanted to do more.


On June 28, 2019, Caliber's Military & Veteran Resource Group, organized and hosted a volunteer outing to the location in Garland, TX. Here the group spent the morning filling food bags used by Patriot PAWS, to feed the puppies in training. To show their appreciation, the Patriot PAWS representatives gave the Caliber volunteers a tour of their facility.

Patriot PAWS Group photo

Caliber volunteers included (in random order) Dana Stephenson, Kate Shaver, Ruth Johnson, Melissa Perez, Melynn Smith, Lauren Lucht, Joey Viera, Yolanda Miller, Bobbi Click, Amanda Reimer, Cassandra Mills, Courtney Schroeder, Melissa Perez, Kim Reed, Shane Presley

During the tour of the Patriot PAWS facility, our Caliber folks were thrilled to see service in action, when they met two of the service dogs!

The Caliber volunteers witnessed that these dogs are in good hands. While the pups provide companionship, love, and protection to their owners, they are given the same right back, in the form of love, healthy food, treats and smiles.

The Patriot PAWS Service Dogs Mission

The Patriot PAWS mission is built from the desire to give back. The Patriot PAWS service dogs are trained to assist disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to help restore their physical and emotional independence.


Read more about Patriot PAWS and its founder here.